We break our strategies down into two main categories:

· Strategies to minimize taxes at sale
· Strategies to maximize business value at sale

Numerous strategies exist to help achieve both goals. However, each owner, each business and each situation is different. A “one size fits all” approach is often not the best strategy for any particular business.

Certain tax planning strategies, such as installment sales, may be highly valuable for one owner, but not the most attractive option for another owner, depending on the specifics of the transaction or the business owner’s plans for the future.

Some operational strategies, such as stock ownership plans, may not fit well with certain tax planning strategies, or may not be the right choice for a particular owner depending on his or her particular circumstances or expectations.

Many factors influence long and short range planning. These factors may include: size of company and number of employees; type of industry; ownership structure; age and family situation of owners; prospects for business; other assets of owners; expectation of owners to continue working or to retire after the sale of the business; and numerous other factors as well. We will help you chart a course to find the right balance for you while striving to minimize taxes and maximize sale price.


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